[PD] zexy and maphash on Macintosh

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Sat Jan 4 00:46:05 CET 2003

[I meant to Cc this to the list earlier today.]

I believe Guilherme Carvalho said this around Fri, 3 Jan 2003:

>Hi list,
>Are zexy and maphash compatible with Pd running on a Mac? If so, what
>packages should I get?
>Thanks in advance,
>Guilherme Carvalho

Zexy compiles on Mac from CVS.
Maphash would need the attached makefile.darwin. Edit the file to make
sure the PDEXECUTABLE and PDINCLUDE directories are alright, then make it
  make -f makefile.darwin

not sure I have the install procedure right, but the external seems to
work. It's an interesting one--thanks for pointing it out...

Hope that helps...

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 atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
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