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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Jan 8 01:44:57 CET 2003

zmoelnig at iem.at hat gesagt: // zmoelnig at iem.at wrote:

> Quoting tigital <tigital at mac.com>:
> > > ...good idea:  when I did the OS X port, I thought about doing it via 
> > SDL, but went with native support in the end...I don't know that it 
> > would help existing implementations, but I think gridflow has some 
> > sdl support, so maybe it'd help to get gridflow and gem to work 
> > together (if desired?)...
> > 
> > ...at any rate, I love sdl!
> > 
> i was just thinking about sthg like this today when talking about aalib.
> i would really like Gem to run on console only machines too (at least under 
> linux/un*x);
> this would not break my ideas of platform independence, since only the output 
> would be platform dependent (which it is anyhow)
> ah yes, SDL is supported by aalib.

This brings up the question, what Gem should be? It started as a
kind of wrapper around OpenGL, then video came in, but still processed
in OpenGL (I suspect. I never used the video stuff). 

Now SDL also is a wrapper around OpenGL and around a lot of other
things, including sound ;) I see, that SDL might be easier to program.

But one of my dreams would be, to be able to design patcher objects in
Gem (or another GUI-interface). That means, having a fast OpenGL area
inside Pd patches, not (but possibly) in an extra window. I wonder, if
SDL is as 'embedable' as OpenGl (which is for example like in
gtkglarea, wxwindos, ...)

But this might lead to a Pd toolkit discussion again...

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