Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Fri Jun 20 17:44:00 CEST 2003

supriya kher wrote:

> Hi,
> Thank you for your reply. When I run pdp_live~ the graphics sreen 
> comes up but nothing gets displayed. Where will I get output of 
> pdp_live~ and how can I give it to pdp_mgrid? 

you have to load a video file,
you told me yesterday it decoded 21 frames, so i'm puzzled.

> What is the order in which pdp_mgrid should be played? First I load 
> the movie, then I play the movie then I set the dimensions, then I 
> loop the movie? Is it correct? But when I click on play the movie, 
> i.e. the round button above metro, it crashes saying that
> pdp_yqt: opening /root/Thesis/anim-1.mov
> pdp_yqt: warning : no audio stream
> pd: getbytes() failed -- out of memory
> pdp_mgrid : severe error : cannot allocate buffer !!!
> pdp_mgrid : reallocated buffers
> Segmentation fault
> [root at localhost pidip-0.9.3]# socket receive error: Connection
> reset by peer (104).

this memory problem is weird, i have 128Mb and was able
to play your mpg file ( yeh, only 21 frames ).

> Is there any network connection problem?  I want to give my MPEG file 
> as a input. 

pdp_live~ do that.



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