[PD] multichannel rme pd-0.37-test8

guenter geiger geiger at xdv.org
Mon Aug 18 13:36:48 CEST 2003

On Sun, 17 Aug 2003, Miller Puckette wrote:

> Guenter's driver is and always has been the best.

:) Thanks
I have to add that writing this driver was only  possible due to
the work of Winfried Ritsch, who wrote the mother of all Hammerfall
drivers. It has been the base of my driver and the ALSA Hammerfall
driver. Winfried was actually the one who brought the first high
quality soundcard to the Linux community.

> But alsa  is where it
> will be at in the future; I'm not sure whether it will be possible to
> run Guenter's RME OSS driver in future versions of linux.  so one way
> or another we've got to figure out how to get the alsa RME driver to work
> adequately with Pd...

Yes, we were hoping that portaudio would solve some of these problems,
but if you take a look at the homepage of Josh Haberman, who wrote
the ALSA support for portaudio, you will see that he had a hart time
too trying to get everything under one hat.

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