[PD] multichannel rme pd-0.37-test8

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.at
Mon Aug 18 16:21:57 CEST 2003


>> Guenter's driver is and always has been the best.
thats true, since he invented the multichannel OSS-ENhancement.

>:) Thanks

>We need someone who is willing to really dig into ALSA, probably by
>reusing code from the JACK alsa driver. My motivation for doing that
>is pretty low, because for desktop usage I am happy with JACK, and
>for performance critical situations and installations I use my own

It didnt want to anounce it yet, but just today I got the new RME
HDSP-MADI 64-Channel Digital IN/OUT and 64-Playback/Capture ones
(incredible, the mixer has 8192 volume items) and we decided I should
to do an ALSA-Driver for it, so anyway I have to dig into ALSA. On the
way I will have a look ob the HDSP-Card. 

So I can try to make an ALSA-Lib-part also respecting this card for
PD. Since I think also, ALSA has a lowlevel and midlevel-driver +
alsalib for controlling the cards and that should be enough function
Calls ;-)) (but most of all dependencies) ( not using portaudio to
play in jack to control alsalib...)

Since ALSA is now in linux-kernel. it should be quite stable in

(If above doesnt work out, I can make a OSS/Free guenther-like driver for the
cards.  ;-)

Hoping for enough beta-tester on this list.

mfg winfried

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