[PD] installing pd/gem/cyclone/etc from deb?

np np at f-matic.net
Sat Aug 23 20:12:13 CEST 2003

hello list, 

i'm returning to pd-linux after a little unfortunate break (my laptop 
died!). first time around i compiled from source, but this time i'm trying 
to install from deb files using apt-get (on a debian testing/unstable 
powerbook 2.4.18). pd loads ok and works perfectly but i'm having some 
problems getting gem, cyclone, OSC et al to run. if i run 'pd -lib Gem' i 
get error messages complaining about undefined JvRegister_Classes 
(strangely, gem runs OK using the same 'apt-get install gem' method on an 
athlon box with same testing/unstable base). if i run 'pd -lib cyclone', i 
get the message 'cyclone - can't load library' (i also tried '-lib sickle' 
and '-lib hammer' with similar results). 

could someone point me towards a solution? i tried looking through 
/usr/lib/pd/extra and find the cyclone externals there, but still no luck 
loading them. i checked my PATH which shows /usr/lib/pd/extra - do i need to 
edit this to find cyclone? any help would be much appreciated! 


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