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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Mon Oct 20 06:10:53 CEST 2003

I forgot to mention the Pure Data Base, its a keyword searchable  
database of externals from Pd.  Its a little out of date, but still  



On Sunday, Oct 19, 2003, at 22:34 America/New_York, doktorp wrote:

> Hi, thanks for your reply =)
> I have been checking most of what comes with the sourceforge 0.37 dmg  
> installer for OS X, but the list of externals in the extra folder,  
> is,.. well, just that.
> is there any list of functionality for each object... ? I would prefer  
> to spend most of my time trying to work on my patch than trying to  
> figure out how to =)
> is tigital gcc from arstechnica? if so hi =).
> that is great news about tcl/tk. oh joy. oh joy.
> thanks!
> -dok
> On Oct 19, 2003, at 10:25 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> On Sunday, Oct 19, 2003, at 20:18 America/New_York, doktorp wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> a very newb-ish question regarding the built in functionality of PD  
>>> and Gem with regards to Max/Jitter.
>>> Im trying to port some of my jitter patches to Gem, and found myself  
>>> asking:
>>> is there an object in PD (or an external), that is the equivalent of  
>>> matrix?
>>> is there a good list of the major externals, and their essential  
>>> aspects anywhere?
>> Install the MacOS X installer and look in /usr/local/lib/pd/extra.   
>> That's a decent list of the externals that are available, minus the  
>> ones that are in libs (Gem, PDP, IEMlib*, xsample, vasp, zexy).   
>> There are a lot more that aren't yet included as well.  You can see  
>> most of those in CVS.
>> Dave Sabine PDDP help patches are really great for this too since  
>> they link to similar objects.  They are included in both the MacOS X  
>> and Windows installers.
>>> or a max->pd guide?
>>> essentially I want to be able to make a sort of video patch bay and  
>>> be able to shoot video to subpatches and route them around as  
>>> needed, (ie pix_filmYUV to some abstracted router, to say,  
>>> yuv_adjust etc etc. however I dont want anything hard coded/patched  
>>> so to speak.
>>> The matrixctrl/matrix is essentially what I would love to have.
>>> id be more than happy to send my max patch out so someone can  
>>> decypher what it is I mean =).
>>> also, is there any planned native PD for OS X editor in the work? Im  
>>> enjoying being able to use paradiddle for make a nice front end for  
>>> my patch, but id love to have something that looks as good (well,  
>>> better than), max. sorry if saying that is a faux pas, but tcl/tk  
>>> isnt exactly the best on OS X.
>> There will be good news soon on this front: tigital is porting Tcl/Tk  
>> to CoreGraphics on OSX.  He said its already making a huge >> difference.
>> .hc
>>> thanks for any input.
>>> PD really shines. Gem and PD run faster and smoother on OS X that  
>>> most (if not all) similar video tools. I cant wait to see where  
>>> everything goes.
>>> -dok
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"[W]e have invented the technology to eliminate scarcity, but we are  
deliberately throwing it away
to benefit those who profit from scarcity."
							-John Gilmore

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