[PD] IEMlib status?

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.at
Mon Oct 27 14:14:29 CET 2003


>Does anyone know what the status of the IEMlib (iemlib1, iemlib2,  
>iem_t3_lib, iem_mp3) is?  I would like to include all of the IEMlib  
>code in the installers, ideally as individual objects since iemlib2 has  
>a version of prepend built into it which is lacking a number of key  
>features.  I probably would need to do a little work to get IEMlib  
>compiled as individual object, probably mostly on the makefile.   I  
>haven't been able to get any response from Thomas Musil about it and I  
>would like to add the code to the CVS.

The iemlib is on the way to a cvs system and their will be releases
soon, after the maintainer thomas has finished his pd work for the
opera "lost highway" in november.



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