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Michal Seta mis at creazone.32k.org
Mon Nov 3 15:56:10 CET 2003

I really don't see how a strad could have more features...  But I know
nothing about violins...

I used to play an old beat-up Aria for which I paid $100.  Until I
bought a hand-made Contrares, very rare.  That was the most beautifully
sounding classical guitar I've ever played (although a little tough on
the left hand).  It open up a whole new sonic palette.  It had the same
features as the Aria, though (the frets, the body, 6 strings and I
couldn't get it to feedback unplugged, no matter how hard I tried...)

Going back to the pd vs. max/msp debate...  I've seen this come up on
various lists.  So far max/msp seems to be preferred mainly because of
it's slick look, ease of use and the fact that one can make standalone
apps with it.  I don't really see those features as advantageous in
terms of actually making music.  It's interesting, though, the amount of
questions about pd in terms of Max/msp.

I do think that the correct answer is what was given: 'forget max'.  pd
is a different system.  It uses the same idiom as max but has a slightly
different set of features.  It's ugly, but it's efficient (last time I
checked, pd was able to handle slightly more complex patches under
debian ppc than max/msp under mac os9 on the same machine and was _way
more stable_ despite of the low version number and beta status).

However, I do not consider pd as poor man's max.  It's simply an
alternative and it happens to be cheaper.  And since I see the potential
of pd and find it adequate for my needs, I don't see a need to use max,
despite of its numerous merits.


On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 07:10, marius schebella wrote:
> I just said a Stradivary offers definitely more features than a poor man`s
> violin.
> and if I play or listen good enough to recognize the difference, then I
> would prefer the Stradivary.
> The mystical things that make the music do not have to be written down in
> the score (I wonder if this is possible at all).
> Marius.
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> > definitely what?
> >
> > you mean you know how to notate Strad-related features in your
> > score?
> >
> > is not doomed, in the long run, a piece of music that actually
> > cannot be performed on instruments of other brands than listed in
> > the score?
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