[PD] A little help with Linux, jack, alsa and pd

Wade McDaniel pdman at aproximation.org
Mon Nov 10 17:45:38 CET 2003

I figure your all tired of hearing questions of new linux-converts...
Im a long time linux user, but all the multimedia applications I have are for windows. I just installed RH9 on my laptop to see how pd performs in linux, and to have access to things like pdp, but I cant get the thing built.

My sound device is an USB M-Audio Duo. It shows up in /proc/bus/usb/devices but when I do something like 'cat /bin/bash > /dev/dsp' I hear nothing. I tried to install alsa, then jack, then pd with `./configure --enable-alsa --enable-jack --enable-portaudio' but make crashes with a big list of errors starting with portaudio.h not existing.
So I figure portaudio is a windows thing, run `./configure --enable-alsa --enable-jack', but that crashes too!

Any advice?


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