[PD] gui causing audio stutters?

Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Thu Nov 13 20:24:32 CET 2003

i just wanted to poll the users out there about thier experience with 
audio stutters and glitches caused by the pd gui.  I'm working on a 
realitime performance environment and am banking on being able to 
instantiate objects, popup new windows and general edit patches live, 
with audio processing going on.  i havnt gotten my ALSA all tightly 
configured yet, so i havnt been able to do some hardcore testing yet, so 
I was interested in how things are going for all of you. 

with your setup, if you popup abstraction windows, does audio 
skip/stutter?  A) never B) sometimes C) always.

if need be i'll run to pd processes to avoid the skips, one being a 
-nogui audio process niced to -20, the other being a -noaudi gui front 
end to control the audio.  if i can, i'd like to avoid this since it 
will complicate the system a lot.

do you have tips for how to improve the performance?

i'd appricaite any info you have about your rig, thanks!


independent u.s. drum'n'bass -- http://vitriolix.com

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