[PD] sending midi

Adrian deCleir 0031259 at student.ul.ie
Thu Nov 27 15:51:19 CET 2003

ok my story is that Im doin a project where people can jam music over the
internet or over a LAN using MIDI,
I've been tryin to get around OSC for ages and cant understand how to get it
up and running, its very difficult to find info as the mailing list ppl are
too experienced and there are no simple tutorials or examples,  
so I decided to use netsend and netrecieve to get going, and instantly I was
delighted coz I could do the basics like send simple notes to another pc on
My only fear is that when the project starts getting complicated , like
several people playing together over the net, will there be latency???? if
so will I be able to deal with this and still use netsend and netreceive
style objects,??   Will there be other methods I could add to it to stop

The only thing I really dont want to do is go back to OSC as It has had me
lost for a while and things only started looking up when I started on
netsend and netreceive
cheers for the help

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