[PD] PD + Gentoo

Meka[ni] meka at mail15.com
Sun Nov 30 15:44:05 CET 2003

> Anyway, I wanted to ask the list three things about PD + Gentoo:
> 1) Has anybody actually built Gentoo's PD 0.37 ebuild? Jack breaks the 
> compile of it on my machine, and when Jack support is removed, then it 
> breaks because of gcc 3.3. Both of these are documented bugs.
	On my Gentoo box it breaks on other things. It needs a lot of source adjustment but it is
finally working. I could send you patches but gcc is not a problem here.

> 2) Has anybody else compiled PD manually on Gentoo, only to find that it 
> doesn't start up with ALSA [although it runs with Jack fine?]. With the 
> HDSP, PD will open the GUI, but will not connect to the sound card. 
> Also, no files can be opened or started in this state. Something to do 
> with non-interleaved mode.
	I've tried cvs version. It has some quirks with jack so I gave up.

> 3) [As a sidenote:] does anybody else find Gentoo's ALSA packages 
> incomplete? Mine are missing Alsaconf, hdspconf, hdsploader and probably 
> some other odds and ends.
	There is a catch. I don't know how much of ebuild syntax you know, but some USE flags
make some packages not to compile part of the program. For example, if you don't have
"encode" in use flags when compiling mplayer, you will not have mencoder. Maybe, that's
the problem, or it is in a different package. I've never needed hdsp so I really don't
know what that is. Alsaconfig is maybe something that Gentoo doesn't need. I mean, maybe
it has different procedure of configuring alsa. For my system, everything I need to do is
to enable alsa on boot runlevel. So .... what does alsaconfig actually do?

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