[PD] successfull installation?

sara kolster sara at x-i.net
Wed Dec 24 03:25:11 CET 2003

Hi all,

> wow, great news, you finally made it !!
> so it will be there for christmas ))

Oh, i wasn't even aware of it.. ;) I just got used to installing libs.

> this gsl error handler you get is really not a serious warning,
> it should even be info, Tom, no?
> you can go ahead..

I'm curious to hear about that.

> it seems the libraries are loaded now.
> did you try any of the examples?
> ( note you should read some movies from your hard drive
> that are supported by libquicktime :
> the best ones are photo-JPEG ones ).

For some reason, i had to change all my permissions to the directories
of pd[p] / pidip; otherwise i wouldn't be able to see them at all.  Is
this because i installed while logged in as root?

I tried to open the /pdp_pidip_osx/doc/introduction/quicktime.pd and it
opens, but how can i load a movie into it? Rob mentioned his fiddeling
around with minimized windows, but i'm still a step before that i think.

> so, maybe, the teaching of all of this is that
> what we released only works on MAC OSX Panther.
> maybe, rob could add this too to his installation notes.
I also wrote down all my [mis]-steps in this installation-procedure.
I'll try to make a html-install-version as well. Maybe [later] it can be
combined with Rob's notes.

> thanx for having been so patient,
> we're sorry of the poor support here,
> but i didin't ask for a MAC for Xmas.
Thanx for all of U being so patient. And all the online-help wasn't as
poor as you might think, it really helped me a lot.  Probably you can
expect more questions later, but then about the working of pdp..  [I
mean, if i cannot even load a quicktime ;) ]


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