[PD] .pdrc??

matthew shanley mshanley at alum.rpi.edu
Tue Feb 10 18:51:24 CET 2004

.pdrc is a simple text file that you put in your home directory (i.e. 
/home/me). the idea is that flags you would normally provide in the 
command line when starting pd, you put in this file and don't have to 
write them each time. for example, if every time you start pd you want 
to have it recognize the path /home/me/pdpatches and use the lib iemlib, 
you could start each time with "pd -path /home/me/pdpatches -lib 
iemlib", or you could just put everything afer the "pd" into a file 
.pdrc you create in your home directory which pd automatically 
recognizes. no if you want to include flags sometimes when starting pd, 
you can use these and it will recognize both these and the ones in the 
.pdrc file.

here's an example of my .pdrc file:
-nomidi -path /home/arkadyan/pd/patches -lib maxlib -lib iemlib1 -lib 
iemlib2 -lib iem_t3_lib -lib iem_mp3 -lib zexy -lib cyclone -lib OSC 
-lib flite -lib ratts

i gathered all this by trying mostly, so please correct me anyone if 
i've got anything wrong.


tdunstan at ihug.com.au wrote:
> just been reading a few docs on pd and a couple of times it has been mentioned
> to "put it in your .pdrc file". i'm kinda, sort of, new to linux but i assume
> its some sort of launching device. could someone please explain to me how i use
> it and perhaps an example.
> thanks
> tom
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