[PD] pdsend and pipe question

Bill Sack wsack at acsu.buffalo.edu
Wed Mar 3 03:43:01 CET 2004


so i've made a little app that reads info from my serial device (a
pontech sv203) and reports it to the terminal window via printf
	  printf("%d;\n", numbl);
it works great - sends numbers marching down the term:

i want to send this data to pd ... started my app into a pipe to pdsend:

./my_app /dev/ttyS0 | pdsend 3000

a matching [netreceive 3000] in pd reports successful connection, but
nothing comes through the right outlet. not sure what's wrong here ...
when i do this:

pdsend 3000
bla bla bla;

the line appears as it should through pdreceive. what am i doing wrong?

thanks for any hints,
Bill Sack

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