[PD] Fingerworks and Neo-Bechstein and Sensor Laboratory

Sukandar Kartadinata sk at glui.de
Thu Mar 25 01:40:36 CET 2004

for everyone interested in Fingerworks' keyboards (www.fingerworks.com) 
- I just got a first version of a little OS X app running that 
redirects the keyboard's output to pd thru [netreceive] (and should 
thus also work with Max). It's based on FW's first SDK which is still 
hand-motion based, i.e. not providing independent coordinates for every 
finger. More to come hopefully...

I'll use it on Friday (Mar26) at a Neo-Bechstein concert in Berlin if 
anyone's curious to see it in action:

I'll probably wrap it up next week and post it - stay tuned.

Berlin folks who can't make it to the concert can also check it out 
later and visit me at Podewil where I'm in the process of setting up a 
Sensor Laboratory.


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