[PD] how do i interact with pd without gui?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Mar 25 18:01:39 CET 2004

Tim Blechmann hat gesagt: // Tim Blechmann wrote:

> i recently got an old notebook (p2, 400mhz), i'd like to set up as a
> hard disk recorder ...
> i'd like to build a recording patch (wav / mp3 / ogg) and start it from
> the command line (i'd prefer not to run an x server on this machine) ...
> but how is it possible to interact with pd without the gui or some kind
> of midi device? is it possible to send messages to pd from the command
> line (maybe via netsend/recieve or osc)

OSC is fine here. The helpfiles should be able to, well, help. 

You might be interested in a recent development in the RRADical
project, which now uses OSC to alleviate the problem, that GUI heavy
patches disturb audio computation. For this, I extended the preset
saving system Memento to not only be able to be set by OSC messages,
but also to forward any state changes to an outlet. If this outlet is
connected to an OSC sender, you can use the same RRADical patch both
for controlling some other patch with OSC and to be controlled by OSC.
Hard to explain in words, but you might look into the "tests"
directory of the latest rradical-package for an example. (Beware: You
need a full set of the CVS-externals) The example shows, how to run
two Pd processes: one with "-nogui -realtime", the other with
"-noaudio" but with GUI. The GUI Pd then is used to control the no-GUI

You can download rradical-work-in-progess here:

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