[PD] netsend/receive, a bit more

Adrian deCleir 0031259 at student.ul.ie
Thu Mar 25 18:27:18 CET 2004

as in physical sockets?
this is probably the problem alright, coz Ive kind of gathered that once one
person is connected to someone know one else seems to be connecting to them

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how many socket are you using?

I think you need 2 for each computer (they can be the same for each 
computer), because the 2 other computers will not be able to connect to 
the same socket.

sometimes it helps to connect the 3 computer in broadcast mode (connect 
to to allow sending data to all computer connected in 
the lan.

hope this helps,

nexyufuli evo wrote:

> . .. .maybe you try netclient / netserver of  the maxlib it works 
> bydirectional, you can broatcast ore send msg to a specific computer . . 
> . ..
> grz nos
> Adrian deCleir wrote:
>> i dont know if anyone can help here but cheers if you can(im sure your
>> getting bored of netsend.receive questions)
>> This is a bit confusing so I hope you can have to patience to read it
>> Anyway I basically have 3 computers on a LAN, I want them all to be
>> connected to each other, so
>> 1:  computer A(we'll call it) I connect to computer B and C perfectly, I
>> use a different port number each different computer,     this works fine,
>> 2: I try and then connect computer B to A and C, it connects to A fine 
>> but
>> when I connect to C it says its connected but nothing happens in C when i
>> try and affect it, so it doesnt seem to connect properly
>> 3: Anyway I move on despite this and try connect C to B and A, same again
>> except it doesnt affect either B or A, so basically it says its connected
>> but when I go to change values of B and A using C absolutely nothing 
>> changes
>> in B and A
>> is there limitations to netsend netreceive ?? as in the first one 
>> connects
>> with the other 2 perfect, but the next one only connects to A and the 
>> next
>> one doesnt connect properly to any of them
>> Ive done this in different orders too, like starting with C, it connects
>> perfect to B and A, but then B only connects to C and A doesnt connect at
>> all,
>> The most annoying part is the fact that its telling me its connected fine
>> Any help appreciated if you can
>> thanks adrian
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