[PD] Separating variables sent to PD via TCP Socket

Nick Giles nrg102 at york.ac.uk
Mon May 3 14:06:30 CEST 2004

I have written a program in Visual Basic which passes data to a PD patch
using a TCP socket.   By using "netreceive" and a simple "print" box,
the data is shown in the message window.
However, I would like to send multiple variables from the Visual Basic
application to PD through the same socket.   Is there anyway to do this?
I have tried using the receive function as the help for "netreceive"
mentions that you can separate variables in this way, for example: 
"receive var1" 
"receive var2"
But it doesn't seem to separate the data.
Any help on this would be gratefully appreciated.
Nick Giles.
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