[PD] loading soundfiles on the fly

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Mon May 10 21:25:48 CEST 2004

hi all,

i've recently added a threaded soundfiler to the devel branch on cvs.
every soundfiler objects sends it's requests to a global helper thread
that performs the actions one after another other. this means, several
soundfiler objects won't interfere with each other... (use t_read /
t_write instead of read / write)

- load 100 mb from a soundfile to an array without a single dropout :-)

- sometimes i experienced problems with the gui updates
  (maybe one of the gui gurus may have a look at that)

- catch messages that are sent to arrays 
- create a second array to work on, so we can leave the original array
untouched until the new array is ready
- fix the bugs :-)

- a posix compliant system (linux is, osx is probably too, win32 ???)
- you will have to switch it on in the ./configure script

- not syncronous any more (you can use read / write if you need that),
but better than dropouts...

this feature is EXPERIMENTAL, so don't use it in a performance unless
you extensively tested it on your setup (don't blame me if you computer
crashes). i've only been able to test it on my laptop, so any positive
or negative feedback is appreciated...


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