[PD] ICC compile [or: PD + P4 + Linux = massive headache!]

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Sun May 16 18:18:02 CEST 2004

> > well, there is pd's PD_BADFLOAT macro that _should_ to that, too,
> > but this has only effect if the nubers are already denormal, so
> > maybe it's a good idea to reset the value to flush every number a 24
> > / 32 bit dac would consider to be zero to zero...
> Can you tell me a bit more about this? How and where should I start
> with that?
i changed the PD_BADFLOAT macro to detect small, almost denormal
numbers (devel_0_37 branch).
i had 3 evenings of several hours of performance without cpu spikes ...
and i'd be interested if it works ok for you...


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