[PD] changing the coding (character set)

Yury yurolog at mail.ru
Tue May 18 19:04:38 CEST 2004

thanx Krzysztof, it works !!

now i can put Cyrrilic comments with your wonderful Cyclone/[comment] object.
but i'm curious and persistent enough not to stop here..:)

i also put "cp1251.enc" file in folder "..\lib\tcl8.3\encoding"
and saw my native symbols in a text editor window (opened by Ctrl+T)

however sending them to a comment object (no matter
what cyrrilic coding it uses) results in a crush ..

if i send them to native Pd objects
there appear Latin symbols and numbers instead of
expected Cyrillic.

you told there is a way to hack pd.tk (?) file
to force Pd into a proper font.
could you plese bring some light to this hackish sollution ?

with this i could effectively port my russian pd-help docs
into the form of pd-pathes.

Best regs,
 Yury                            mailto:yurolog at mail.ur.ru

KC> any tcl distribution should have it, or you can get from sf:

KC> http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/tcl/tcl/library/encoding/iso8859-5.enc

KC> (just checked it -- wroks on my xp)

KC> Krzysztof

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