[PD] some comments on installing pdp on osx

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed May 19 14:20:11 CEST 2004


solo una cosa que yo no comprendo :

with the new installer that is on my website,
the installation instructions from Sarah
( which were excellent at a certain time )
are now obsolete.

and still i don't see why you'd have to install ffmpeg
as it is delivered in the binary archive too.



martin pichlmair wrote:

> this is more or less for the archives.
> i went through pdp-on-osx-hell yesterday and it turned out to be a 
> rather short trip after all. (4 hours are short compared to how others 
> suffered).
> i used sara kolster's (umatic.nl) how-to and yves' tar.gz as well as 
> uPDated as well as apple's X11.
> the point is that there is in fact a lot of stuff already in what you 
> download on yves' page. not everything but pretty much. and most of it 
> worked quite out of the box.
> on 10.3 the road to go was:
> - download pdp_pidip_osx from yves page
> - do all the fink actualization as described on dereks page (until 
> "installing libraries")
> - install pdp_pidip_osx as described in the readme.
> - install finkcommander (apt-get refused to find the unstabel sources 
> for me)
> - install ffmpeg via finkcommander (do not ask me why it was 
> necessary, but it was for me)
> - install X11 (is in /Applications/Installers under 10.3)
> - copy the pdp.pd_linux into uPDated/.../externals
> - sleep one night
> - start it and it works
> for me that worked.
> martin
> attacksyour.net/pi
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