[PD] changing the coding (character set)

Yury yurolog at mail.ru
Thu May 20 09:16:35 CEST 2004

hi Krzysztof

Wednesday, May 19, 2004 8:56:57 PM you wrote:

KC> cannot reproduce -- what characters are causing this?
any character, including numbers and Latin.
create a new patch, create new [comment] object and
save it, probably you'll get smth like this:

  #N canvas 105 111 420 200 12;
  #X obj 111 71 comment 0 12 helvetica ? 0 0 0 0 comment;

if you DO NOT close this patch after creating
you can send it any text you want (of course only in Latin)
from Ctrl+T dialog window.

BUT: when you close this patch, then open it again
and try to send to [comment] ANY symbol from Ctrl+T window
PD will crash.. with a message like this (translation from Russian):
  ""pd.exe" invoked an error and will be closed. You need
  to restart the program. Error log was created.Ok"

Note that it doesn't matter what encoding the [comment]
object uses when it crashes. You can add new text only
to newly created [comment]s.

The results are the same on both pd-0.36-0.msw and pd-0.37-0.msw.

KC> one thing to try is modifying the procedures pdtk_text_new and
KC> pdtk_text_set in the pd.tk file, replacing "-text $text" there
KC> with "-text [encoding convertfrom cp1251 $text]"
thanx.it works.

Best regs,
Yury                        <yurolog at mail.ru>

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