[PD] Using Compare with pix_video

Ivan Franco ivan.franco at ydreams.com
Wed May 26 13:05:28 CEST 2004

ok, now for the real implicit problem. the video stream is not square 
(never a power of 2 in width and weight).
and 320 (by 240) is not a power of 2 also...

On 26/mai/2004, at 11:48, zmoelnig at iem.at wrote:

> Ivan Franco wrote:
>> Hello everyone.
>> I'm having trouble using pix_compare with a pix_video stream together
>> with a pix_image.
>> I want to do lumakeying but the pix's don't have the same size (the
>> videostream is not a power of 2).
>> So I get the following from Gem:
>> Gem: GemPixDualObj: two images do not have equal dimensions
>> Anyway around? Using Windows XP + Gem 0.888-rc2
> well, why not try the most obvious ?
> assuming that you do not want to change the resolution of the 
> video-stream, why
> not changing the size of static image ?
> any decent image-processing programm (like the Gim) could do this; even
> image-viewers (like IrfanView) have this capabilities nowadays...
> mfg.a.srd
> IOhannes
Ivan Franco
ivan.franco at ydreams.com

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