[PD] emi2/6-asio

aym3ric stm-sq at bleu255.com
Sat May 29 14:12:02 CEST 2004


don't know this card and don't know what you have tried so far, but just
in case a short reminder...

you can start pd with some flags, for example:

-inchannels ...  -- audio input channels (by device, like "2" or "16,8")
-outchannels ... -- number of audio out channels (same)
-channels ...    -- specify both input and output channels

then in pd if you want to have access to your 6 output, create the dac
this way:

[dac~ 1 2 3 4 5 6]


> Hi list -
> guess this question has been asked quite a lot of times this way or
> the other...
> anyway...
> Has anyone ever successfully tried to get 6 output chanels of an emi
> 2/6 (emagic) working under winXP? Or does PD only support soundcards
> with equal in/output numbers? If so, whats the magic word(s) I have to
> fill in and where...?
> Thanks in advance
> Cheers
> Achim

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