[PD] plugin~ Bad Screen Distance

Thomas Comiotto comiotto at rcfmedia.ch
Fri Jul 9 16:49:15 CEST 2004


When trying to load ladspa plugins via plugin~ 0.2 in pd 0.37 under debian unstable I get the expected object box with corresponding inlets / outlets, but I also get a "Bad Screen Distance" message and after that text rendering in object boxes is stuck (text renders transparent / white?). I need to restart pd to get text rendering back. I found two posts (bugreports) about this issue in the listarchives (may 2004) but nothing that could have been enlighten me on how to solve this problem. Can someone help me out here? I already tryed to move back to pd 0.35 and plugin~ 0.1 - same symtoms there. 

Best regards

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