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Hi list !
Assuming that I have a midi keyboard (namely Oxygen8 keystation) and an internal MIDI router (Midi Yoke) I've planned to do a MIDI transformer with PD and then feed my sequencer (eg. cubase) with the transformed events :
PD grabs the Kestation MIDI input, transforms MIDI messages and sends the result into MIDI Yoke 1
Cubase is set in such a maneer that it grabs what is sent out by MIDI Yoke 1.
At first sight it seems to work : when pressing a key on my keystation, my VSTi on cubase plays what has been transformed by PD.
What disturbs me is that whithin a few minutes, PD and Cubase crash so I have to restart my computer. You'll understand that it could become really painfull to make a track if both applications crash.
I took "a lot" of precautions eg. desactivated audio on PD so that only cubase grabs the audio ports (ASIO)
I'm working on Win XP and when crashes occur, it seems that the Minidump folder is the cause of the problem.
Does anyone had such a (bad) experience on XP ? Is there any solution ? 
 Thanks for your support

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