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does the directory d:/sounds/tmp already exist?
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  Gasp... Heu, I think that everything's OK :

  Running on XP and being the only (and nevertheless happy) user I think that it's not a writing right issue.
  When launching my patch I send a loadbang to enable DSP (; pd dsp 1) then click on the message
  "open d:/sounds/tmp/tmp.wav" to create the temporary wav file and then waiting for timebang to do its job...
  In addition to that, I've tried in my despair the sfrecord object from zexy library. It works (eg the temporary file is indeed created) 
  but my problem with it is that it supports only raw files and not wav, which I aim to create.
  On the other hand when clicking on "open d:/sounds/tmp/tmp.wav" in my f*** patch, the file is not created at all, may be the issue comes from this and therefore 
  writesf~ can't work properly...
  On my d: partition I've got more than 30 GB free...
  Aaaarrgghh !!
  Anyway, thanx CK. 

  PS : last thing - I could for instance embezzle this problem by dealing with arrays but how if I want to record a full hour radio show ? It might overflow it, no ?


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    > I read:
    > > Previously I had turned on the DSP and open the wav. file which would 
    > > shelter my datas. But nothing happens...
    > > That could be a good tip : the PD patch example concerning writesf~ 
    > > doesn't work either. 
    > hmmm... writesf~ isn't really verbose, f.i. if I try to write a file
    > to /usr/bin/ (a directory I don't have write access to as a normal
    > user) it looks like it's working but there is no file there, I suspect
    > sth. similar to happen if the filesystem is full.
    > 1) do you have write access to the directory you are writing to ?
    > 2) is there enough space on the partition ?
    > just guessing,
    > x
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