[PD] Gem - Texturing? UV Mapping? etc.

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Tue Nov 30 22:07:27 CET 2004


On Nov 30, 2004, at 3:42 PM, Christian Klotz wrote:

> Hi list,
> playing around with Gem and some obj models a few questions came to my 
> mind.
> - when I started a bit texturing obj models, I asked myself how to get 
> even a bit more complex 3d objects (think of a car or something like 
> that) textured with gem. Did anyone already try something like this or 
> know how to deal with it? I would really like to work with gem doing 
> things like that ;) is there some uvmap support under development?

...as you can tell, we don't have support (yet) for uv textures on 
models beyond the primitives:  main reason is that none of the 
developer's have really really really needed it :-)  So, it's still on 
the to-do, but not what I'm personally working on atm...otoh, I'd 
really like to see 3ds model loading, so maybe this'll all get done in 
the next while?

> - another thing. I read a post of 2002 about adding multitexturing and 
> bump mapping - which where added to the prior to do list. have they 
> ever been implemented? I think its quite important for people doing 
> graphic stuff with pd - and as it seems to me by reading the 
> mailinglists every day, there is more and more interest in using pd 
> together with gem.

...funny you should mention it:  I just committed (into the gem cvs 
head) a bunch of opengl wrapper stuff that deals with the basics of 
multitexture...but there still aren't any example patches, and to be 
sure, I still haven't played with it to find out how well it'll work 
:-/  I originally thought to make a [pix_multitexture], but this didn't 
seem right, once I read more about how multitexturing 
works...basically, every texture is loaded into memory, then by default 
they become "texture unit 0" when being added to a model or geo...so, 
now that there's a wrapper for glActiveTextureARB, you should be able 
to change the texture to a different texture unit, and thereby be able 
to do the different combine's or program's that are the reason for 
multitexture's allure :-)

...and if I remember correctly, bump-mapping is just a kind of 
multitexturing where one texture is used as a lookup table for normal 
values to apply to another object...so technically, I think the basics 
are there in cvs:  I'll try to actually drum up some examples tonight 
(if no real-life (tm) hassles popup)!


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