[PD] gentoo realtime-lsm for pd+jack realtime?

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Sun Dec 26 12:51:04 CET 2004

Hey Frank,

Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hallo,
> derek holzer hat gesagt: // derek holzer wrote:
>>Frank Barknecht wrote:

>>Just have to pipe up and say three cheers for realtime-lsm. It was a 
>>very quick setup on my Gentoo Shuttle PC last night, and the got the 
>>latency of my PCI HDSP on that box down from a hideous 4096 frames per 
>>period to a wonderful 512 with "almost zero" Xruns. 
> Though that is not the gain of the realtime-lsm module: It just allows
> ordinary users to do things, normally only root is allowed to. It does
> not give better realtime performance itself. The module has a
> misleading name, there's not much "realtime" about it.

It is certainly a gain when I haven't been running anything in realtime 
as non-root since starting with 2.6 kernels!!! But yes, I am aware that 
the advantage is built into JACK, and not the realtime-lsm module 
itself. It's just that I can access it better now. Yippee.

> But great to hear, that 2.6.10 gives better latencies now. 

I was hoping to graft Ingo Molnar's RT patch into the "love-sources" 
patches, but maybe my knowledge of patching and ebuilds are not up to 
scratch, because I kept getting "Omitted Patch" errors when emerging my 
frankenstein love-sources. Anybody 'round here an ebuild wizard that 
could walk me through it?

> (Is cdrecord working again? ;)

Oh yeah, haven't checked that yet. I just run it as root, but I remember 
there was a permissions thing you could do somewhere or another. Bit of 
a pain however ;-)


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