[PD] graph on parents burns cpu time ...

Thoralf Schulze thoralf_schulze at yahoo.de
Wed Feb 2 15:34:43 CET 2005

Hi list,

graph on parent on parent eats cpu for breakfast: I
tried to create an abstraction that graps on parent
(with about 800x200 px) and doesn't have any
gop-objects by itself, but holds a few more
abstractions that themselves do have some gop-objects.
With about 6 or 7 number2s / toggles / bangs and
absolutely nothing else going on in the patches, the
cpu usage climbed to a whopping 10-20 per cent, while
it was idling at around 4-5 before. (Pentium
IV/2.6ghz, win2k, pd 0.37)

I suspect a tcl/tk-issue here - is there any way of
getting around this problem? I would really like to
keep this abstractions-in-abstraction-thingie, since
the former are called with arguments, and I would like
to know what's going on inside them ...

These 20 per cent could be crucial: if you add the 60%
it takes gem to render dv-streams in full resolution,
there's not much headroom left for other purposes ...

with kind regards,


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