[PD] C++ for pd (was: mp3 playing external)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Feb 4 10:33:08 CET 2005

august wrote:

> on another note, I started to rewrite the readanysf~ code.
> the goal for the new version are as follows:
> 	1.) direct c++ code for pd.  no more flext.

what are the advantages of such an approach ?

or rather, what are the big disadvantages of using flext ?
i do not use it myself (since Gem has its own C++ framework and my rest 
is done in C), so my ideas of flext might be clouded.
the only reason to not use it that is see, is an additional dependency. 
isn't it possible to link statically against flext, so the dependency 
would only exist at compile time ?
or is the flext-api highly unstable (so that it is a pain to upgrade 
from one version of flext to the next ?)


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