[PD] Pd & a lighting console

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Thu Feb 10 12:09:13 CET 2005

Le 10 Février 2005 01:14, Alexandre Quessy a écrit :
> I find that Marc's way to do it with dimmer boards must be the most
> efficient one. 

That's only one example.

> But it would take quite a few days to implement. 
> (I  don't want to cross the street and borrow your dusty stuff : it's for a
> portfolio...) 

I don't know much about the esthetic of art portfolios... Building a kit might 
not be very sexy, but it has more esthetic value to me than any black box.

> I wish I could use a micro-controller yet, but I am still 
> not a assembly programmer !

They are much easier to use than you think. No assembler required.

> There is http://semitone.sourceforge.net/diamond/ that could be quite
> interesting in this spirit.

That's neat. But it's a very complex device. You already have a computer, all 
you need is an interface.

> As I am currently "only" running on OS X, the USB to DMX solution would
> be ok, even though I would need to hack my kernel. Not too bad. The
> dmxusb external looks all right. I would just need this Open DMX USB
> device. (100$USD)

Is it possible to hack a OSX kernel? Anyway, that would be a pain.

> I think that the quickest way to realize this would be to use a midi
> out. Then, I just need a midi-compatible lighting console. It would
> also be quick, as in CPU-time. This (a compatible console) must be
> possible to find somewhere around.

A lighting console is also a complex computer, which is not trivial to program 
as a dumb MIDI to DMX interface . Again, you already have a computer. If you 
want to go with DMX, you need a DMX interface and a few DMX faders. But 
there's also dumb MIDI faders; if you can find some, that would be the 
easiest way.


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