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vze26m98 vze26m98 at optonline.net
Fri Feb 25 18:43:44 CET 2005

derek holzer wrote on 2/23/05:

>I messed around with Gentoo on a couple of old Pismos, and I never got 
>the sound-in working. This was with ALSA and JACK, and either I had no 
>signal at all or a huge electronic hum. Sorry, but I'm pretty sure it 
>has to do with that specific Pismo soundcard...

Hi Derek-

Just to clarify, I _AM_ able to get PD to produce sound if I use the
-noadc option.  I'll have to check to see whether I'm OK on input using
the -nodac option, although I can't imagine how useful that would be.
This is with a more-or-less stock Woody distro on a Mac Pismo laptop.

I looked at the source in s_audio-oss.c and what appears to be
happening is that PD opens the available devices for Read/Write,
programs the output channels and then the input channels. Trouble is,
under OSS/dma_soundpmac driver, reprogramming the "same" channels
genrates an error, which is where it chokes on my Pismo.

I've noticed this with a couple of other apps, notably Sweep and Iain
Sandoe's driver test code.  The Mac driver supports signed 16-bit
big-endian data at 44100 and complains when it's re-programmed, or
programmed again for some reason. Sweep, for example, caught the error
and then exited, but commenting out the exit() calls and re-compiling
seems to work fine.

I suppose that ultimately I'll move to ALSA, but being pretty new to
Linux, I'd like to get a better understanding of what's going on before
I jump.



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