[PD] PD compile on Mac Pismo?

ix at replic.net ix at replic.net
Thu Mar 3 19:35:37 CET 2005

> When I was running 2.4, I had successfully compiled PD-0.38-0 and was
> running it.  Now after upgrading and configuring with './configure
> --enable-alsa', I get the following message from PD at launch:

> >Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
> >Xlib: No protocol specified
> >
> >Application initialization failed: couldn't connect to display ":0.0"
> >watchdog: signaling pd...

you should type 'xhost +' and try again. its also easy in debian to accidentally forget to enable BSD socket stuff (in kernel networking config) to make it actually possible to connect to your local x server. if youre running pd from another machine 'grep -ir nolisten /etc/X11' and remove the -nolisten flag where you see it and restart X...

> I checked the output of ./configure for anythin untoward, but didn't see
> anything.  Here's the GUI portion:
> Anyone have an idea about what's going on?
> Thanks!
> Charles Turner
> <vze26m98 at optonline.net>
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