[PD] PD and waveform~

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Mar 7 17:48:22 CET 2005

Robert Gruendler hat gesagt: // Robert Gruendler wrote:

> i hope this issue hasn't been discussed here, haven't found anything about
> this in the list. If yes, i apologize for a double post.
> As i used to work with max until now, i'm wondering if there's any
> gui-external similar to waveform~ in Max. 

As this is a pd list, you should always describe the external you look
for a bit more for people who don't use Max. 

> I have search for it but couldn't find anything. My main problem is,
> i'd like to edit loop-length, start- and end point with the mouse at
> once. If there's no external with those capabilities, maybe there's
> a workaround how i can achieve the same effect in pd.

Sounds like wvvw could help you: 

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