Iemlib (was: Re: [PD] second order LPF with Q)

Þúrstan thurstan666 at
Fri Mar 11 02:12:13 CET 2005

Thnx for the suggestion.

 I am working with Pd 0.38.3 (Win2k) right now, I read that iemlib works
0.37. That is, however, not my final question. My final question is: I read
 that I should compile after installation. I do not have an editor like
and it actually seems to work already. What is the risk or what do I miss
when I
do NOT compile iemlib further?


>  hello
>  maybe you can find it in the iemlib
> regards,
>  -j
>  > Before reinventing the wheel I would like to know if someone has a good
>  > implementation of a second order low pass filter with resonance control
> > or if such an external is to be found somewhere.
>  >
>  > Thanx in advance,
>  >
>  > Wilf
>  >

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