[PD] segmented patch cords - tunnel?

Thoralf Schulze thoralf_schulze at yahoo.de
Sat Mar 12 12:56:58 CET 2005

hi there,

regarding the segmented patch cords: imo, this feature
 would greatly enhance the readability of complex
patches if there's a lot of messaging going on.

I would propose the idea of a 'tunnel'-object, which
would be a container holding several patch cords at
once (like a wiring harness). the tunnel itself is
segmented - it could be drawn in a way similar to how
you draw masks in image processing apps (click [start]
- click [point] - click [point] - doubleclick [end]). 
to make a connection between two objects using the
tunnel, one would click at the outlet of the first
object, then at the tunnel and finally at the inlet of
the second object. this comes in handy for connecting
10 outlets of an objects in the upper right corner of
your patch with a thingie in the lower left.

I realize the the same result could be achieved by
muxing the signals and/or using local sends and
receives. however, muxing might not always be
feasible, and the latter is imho an inferior solution
in terms of readability ...

the problem in implementing this will be backward
compatibility. maybe the tunnel could be implemented
as a generic pass-through - object, so that it would
appear as outlet -> cord -> tunnel -> cord -> inlet to
older versions of pd. future versions might be smart
enough to recognize the tunnel for what it is and draw
the patch accordingly.

just a few thoughts,


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