[PD] audio to visual art

robertgarvin at bellsouth.net robertgarvin at bellsouth.net
Sat Mar 12 18:51:26 CET 2005

I had an Idea... (again in the shower.. great place for inventing):
What if (like GEM) you could use PD to control certain aspects of a printer.  for example, a set of number boxes would control color, and another set would control the catridge rack (the thing that moves to control the lateral movement of the cartridges), and another set would control the paper mover.. uses?
1. Possibly, if you wanted to, have PD instead of printing to the main window, to the printer.
2. Draw pictures directly to the printer
3. use the printer as a visualizer for music performances/applications. (i.e. "convert" audio art to visual art.)

Just a thought

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