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beau25 at access4less.net hat gesagt: // beau25 at access4less.net wrote:

> > I've never heard of a Pd for DOS, but why not install
> > Linux on that machine and run Pd in the terminal without
> I have tryed to install mandrake (I think 9, about a year
> ago) on it, but could not figure out how to get the laptop
> screen driver installed, so I went back to windows.
> > X. This should work just fine, so to say. For Linux you
> > normally need at least a 386 CPU.
> > 
> I could try again with planet ccrma, which version should I
> use 8 or 9? It is only a 120mhz pentium1, do you think that
> would meet the minimum system requirements?

As Derek guessed correctly I was indeed thinking along the lines of a
terminal-only machine without X, however with a P120 you should be
able to run X at least occasionally. (I ran X o long time on a
486/133MHz as my first really *fast* Linux box - some years ago.)

I would recommend to use AGNULA/Demudi. If you choose the minimalistic
desktop which is using fluxbox as Window manager you should be fine,
or rather so. 

With your display problem: As this is more a Linux problem, I would
recommend to ask about this on a Linux list. The Agnula users list is
a perfect place for this and you will find several readers from
pd-list over there as well, including me. To find a solution some
technical info is needed, like the graphics card (chip) and what error
messages you get, how your config files looked like etc. I'm sure this
problem is fixable and I guess you will have much more fun with old
hardware by using Linux on it than by using DOS or Windows. 

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