[PD] readanysf~: use two versions of Flext?

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Sun Mar 13 23:50:35 CET 2005

Hi Ian,
yes, static linking is the default and it should be no problem to have 
two versions of flext. You should change the installation directory of 
flext for one (perhaps the older) version and edit the config file of 
xsample accordingly. Flext need not be installed to pd/flext, it can 
reside everywhere.
Apart from that i still can't imagine that the problem with readanysf~ 
is unsolvable... i hope i once find the time to look into it.

best greetings,

Ian Smith-Heisters schrieb:

> Hi all,
> readanysf~ only works with Flext <=0.4.5, but other externals I'm 
> using require 0.4.7. (How) can I compile readanysf so that it uses 
> 0.4.5 while xsample and the rest still use 0.4.7? Static linking, 
> something like that? Thanks.
> -ian

Thomas Grill
gr at grrrr.org
+43 699 19715543

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