[PD] Re: new pmpd developer

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Mar 15 18:30:41 CET 2005

Hallo Nicolas,
Nicolas Montgermont hat gesagt: // Nicolas Montgermont wrote:

> I've been experimenting pmpd with datastructure for a week now, 

Wow! That's quite a patch for one week, wonderful!! 

> and I encounter a few problems that are all present in the attached
> patch:
> - Computation speed! The simple model presented here (5 mass, 8
> link) seems to charge all my CPU at a metro period of 100ms. The
> string patch designed by Frank Barknecht in the datastructure
> tutorial was much more faster. Does anybody see any "bad"
> programming in the patch?

I also get a very high load. I will need a bit time to take a deeper
look, but generally the data structures are far from the efficiency
that e.g. Gem has. However I don't think your model should be that

> - use the $0 variable to have mutiple instanciation, but I have to
> use the external "sprintf" to build the "pd-$0-data" message. Is
> there a solution using only native pd objects to do that?

Yes, and it even works better here (maybe I have another sprintf, I
get lots of errors like "sprintf: no method for float").

Anyway the solution is to replace every "sprintf" with "makefilename",
you can keep the "pd-%d-data" part, it's the same for makefilename.

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