CPU usage of data structures [was: Re: [PD] Re: new pmpd developer]

Nicolas Montgermont montgermont at la-kitchen.fr
Wed Mar 16 16:36:43 CET 2005

Hello Frank,

>Morale of story (so far): Use the least amount of [set] object,
>concentrate on bundling [set]. This was news to me, too, thanks for
>hitting my head at this problem. ;)
You point out a useless CPU charge of my patch! Thanks to you I can add 
mass and link to my simple model, but the computation remains difficult 
for a structure which is designed to replace a fader. The only way seems 
to have a template containing all the masses positions and to have one 
global set for all of them, but the number of masses won't be easily 

That allowed me to discover something about displaying datastructure. 
The X-offset present at the starting point of the link depends of the 
number of link present here, I explain :
The first link added to a mass got good position (links 0, 1, 2 of the 
test patch) , the second one and every others (3,4) linked to him got a 
1/2 pixels addition on their x-display, and so on. So link added last 
got a x move of ~7 pixels! I've disabled your x addition of 5 pix to see 
that better.

I've tried things like setting the plotting width of the line to 0 in 
place of 2 but the problem is still the same... Perhaps it's a 
datastructure bug? In this case I can't understand why it's only on the 
x axe!

Does people on Windows & Mac systems got the same problem?

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