[PD] PD NYC Meetup Sunday April 3rd.. quick questions..

vade doktorp at mac.com
Sat Mar 19 14:35:28 CET 2005

Hello list folk/Share folk;

Sunday April 3rd Share (http://share.dj) will be hosted by Harvestworks 
(harvestworks.org) [ Keiko this is 100% correct?], in downtown 
Manhattan. Ive spoken to the Share folk and they are totally excited to 
have some PD people drop in.

Share folk have a few quick questions though:

Do we want to do a workshop/install-fest earlier (for say the first 2/3 
hours), and then join the Share jam?

Or do we want an informal meetup/social thing while the share jam is 
going on?

If we want a workshop type thing, any volunteers to show some patches, 
some DSP audio tricks, some cool externals/add ons that people may not 
know about?

Anyone interested in/showing off some GEM/pdp ? (if there are no 
volunteers I can show (sheepishly) a measly patch that ive integrated 
with paradiddle on OS X ...)

  What other lists should I throw this info at (would posting to the 
Max/MSP list be too incendiary? ;)

If the list admin folk feel this is off topic, feel free to join the 
share discussion group and send an email to discussion at share.dj

Once we know whats up ill be posting an event description on Shares 
website so it will be official :)

Peace and sorry for the lisr cross posting...

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