[PD] PD NYC Meetup Sunday April 3rd.. quick questions..

Paris Treantafeles paris at parisgraphics.com
Sat Mar 19 16:51:25 CET 2005


thanks for getting this discussion going.
personally i'm most interested in pd with GEM/pdp.
i love the share jams but not ready to jam with GEM/pdp, i'm really too 
new and have only done this with keyworx.
best case scenario for me would be some kind of workshop/tutorial 
before the jam starts.


On Saturday, March 19, 2005, at 08:35  AM, vade wrote:

> Hello list folk/Share folk;
> Sunday April 3rd Share (http://share.dj) will be hosted by 
> Harvestworks (harvestworks.org) [ Keiko this is 100% correct?], in 
> downtown Manhattan. Ive spoken to the Share folk and they are totally 
> excited to have some PD people drop in.
> Share folk have a few quick questions though:
> Do we want to do a workshop/install-fest earlier (for say the first 
> 2/3 hours), and then join the Share jam?
> Or do we want an informal meetup/social thing while the share jam is 
> going on?
> If we want a workshop type thing, any volunteers to show some patches, 
> some DSP audio tricks, some cool externals/add ons that people may not 
> know about?
> Anyone interested in/showing off some GEM/pdp ? (if there are no 
> volunteers I can show (sheepishly) a measly patch that ive integrated 
> with paradiddle on OS X ...)
>  What other lists should I throw this info at (would posting to the 
> Max/MSP list be too incendiary? ;)
> If the list admin folk feel this is off topic, feel free to join the 
> share discussion group and send an email to discussion at share.dj
> Once we know whats up ill be posting an event description on Shares 
> website so it will be official :)
> Peace and sorry for the lisr cross posting...
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