[PD] multiple_window feature of Gem?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Mar 21 09:50:46 CET 2005

Mike Wozniewski wrote:
> Hi.


> I've found some mention to the "multiple_window" of Gem. How do I get 
> started with this? Are there any docs that describe how to get Gem 
> working in multiple windows?
now there aren't yet.
it is still an experimental branch on the CVS called "multiple_window"

> network. But I'm excited about using the multiple_window feature to 
> perhaps have only one machine running the environment, and just sending 
> the other Gem windows to the other machines. Can someone explain how I 
> would go about doing this?
the problem is that as multiple_window is done right now, it depends on 
display-list sharing, which is not possible across multiple machines.
thus it doesn't yet work to have one "master" machine running the 
gem-patch and several slaves which do the actual drawing.

in the meantime you could try chromium [1], which is some virtual driver 
that allows to render to several remote machines.
i have no idea though, about performance.

if you have any technical knowledge and are willing to help a hand, we 
would welcome you warmly....


[1] http://chromium.sf.net

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