[PD] PD Meetup NYC: April 3rd at Share

vade doktorp at mac.com
Mon Mar 21 16:45:11 CET 2005


Sunday April 3rd Harvestworks will be hosting Share, and Share will be 
having a small informal PD workshop and Install fest!

For more information please see:


If anyone wants to show off some work, has specific interests they want 
covered, or wants to take the burden off me for showing off Gem, please 
email me off list so we can set some things up.

If anyone who isnt in NYC wants to help, sending patches, tutorial 
overviews, or even setting up some sort of teleconference might be 
(Mr Bogart, this is your chance!! ;)

I dont know too much about Audio/DSP with PD (im a video guy), so I 
will try to get some people to help me out from Share. But if *anyone* 
wants to help with the presentation, I will be much obliged, because I 
know there are many more knowledgeable people out there than me.

Hope to see you there,

-Anton Marini

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