[PD] more pix_write

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Tue Mar 22 16:49:36 CET 2005

You could trigger an FTP tranfer for each frame copied to disk... FTP
the new one, delete the old one, and keep track of the filename
(sequence number).

Are there any streamers that allow you to stream your X11 display? That
could work very well. Otherwise you'll need to output video and use a
second streaming machine (or loopback to the capture card and stream
that on the same machine).

even with -nogui the gemwindow still opens and is visible.


wollscheid wrote:
> Hi list
> and Iohannes -
> another pix_write question.
> I notice pix_write needs the buffer (i.e. the actual picture on the
> screen) to write data to disc.
> Is it possible to write any GEM data without GUI?
> (background - I'm running pd on a server
> project
> www.imaginary-soundscapes.net
> along with the audio data generated realtime on the server and streamed
> I want to generate visual data and stream likewise).
> Cheers
> Achim
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